Welcome to the Savannah Cat Breed Section

The Savannah Breed Section is comprised of TICA members who own and/or breed Savannahs and work together in the development of the Savannah Cat breed. Breed Section members communicate regularly via an email discussion group to confer about breed issues and coordinate the official data and information for TICA.

On this site, we have outlined the Mission of the Savannah Breed Section, the Savannah Breed History, an extensive page of Frequently Asked Questions, our Breeder Directory, and important Links of interest. In addition, you can find the official Breed Standard and answers to the Care and Health of Savannah cats.  Our Members Area is specifically for Savannah breed section members and includes reports and documents specific to the development of the breed with TICA.

The Savannah Cat is a domestic breed originating from the African Serval and the domestic cat.   It replicates the dramatic looks of the Serval with the demeanor and temperament of a household pet. The Savannah has tall upright ears, is a lean, long-legged cat sporting bold black spots similar to its wild ancestors.

TICA (The International Cat Association) accepted the Savannah Cat for registration in 2001. Since then Savannah breeders and owners have been working together in the development of the breed. In May of 2012 it was advanced to Championship status and now competes against other established breeds for titles in TICA shows throughout the world.

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